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Winnipeg Photographer

Winnipeg photographer Artistic Impressions, delivers a unique photography experience to their clients. From the moment you call, or walk through the studio doors, they will attend to your every detail.  They will design visual images that create a presence in either your home or your industry. Ingrid Misner and Grant Forzley started Artistic Impressions in January 1996, and have been considered a top photography studio in Winnipeg for many years. The change from film to digital occurred, the direction and focus of the studio has changed, but what has remained is a constant focus on achieving fantastic images for clients like you. Because lets face it, people like you, are the ones that Artistic Impressions rely on to be successful into the future.


The work of Artistic Impressions now focuses in a few key areas centred around personal and business portraits and commercial architectural photography and interiors. This direct focus and specialization ensures that Artistic Impressions delivers only the best photographs in their chosen areas.

Child and Family Photography

Personal portraits including both child photography and family photography has always been an interest to this Winnipeg photographer. This has led to the formation of lasting friendships with many great families as the studio has grown with them over the years. Ingrid is there to photograph the very special one time moments in your lives, from a babies first steps through the toddler years to, birthdays, anniversaries and many other celebrations. Whether in your home, in the studio or a special place like a cottage or vacation home, Ingrid will be there creating photographs that your family and friends will cherish for many years.

Business Portrait

Business Portraits are not just for realtors anymore. Years ago Real Estate agents were one of the few occupations where professional portraits were used in abundance. Now it is common place for many professionals to utilize their professional portrait on places like a corporate website, LinkedIn and other social networks as well as business cards. Artistic Impressions, will not just take your portrait for these purposes, but they will assist you in wardrobe selection, background choice and will assist in posing you to achieve the desired look. Are you a sales professional, a high power executive, a counsellor or a funeral director? All of these professions come in to the studio for professional photographs, but they all require a different look to be effective and genuine. Grant will take the time in the selection process to assist you in choosing the perfect image for your website or profile. Then the talented retouchers will enhance the image, remove any unwelcome blemishes and prepare the image for your use.

Commercial Photography

As a commercial Winnipeg photographer, Ingrid’s passion is architecture. Working with architects, interior designers, builders and end users like hotels, restaurants, retailers, or professional offices, Artistic Impressions create images for marketing campaigns, portfolios, websites and many other purposes. If you have a space to show off, or if you can benefit by displaying your space online, Ingrid and Grant will ensure that the property looks it’s absolute best. They have had the privilege of working with many top hotel chains and boutique hotels across western Canada, and are always looking forward to new challenges and exciting spaces.

Based in Winnipeg, we work where you need us. Our passion for the artistic; our creative drive and multiple years of expertise fashion a memorable and lasting impression.

Whether seeking a family portrait, a child portrait or commercial photography, our Credo is simple: Create images that people love!!

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